Terms Of Service

Please read these. Ignorance is not an excuse. By commissioning me you agree to the terms of service listed below. I am not responsible for you not reading my TOS.


  • Payment is accepted in USD, via paypal only.
  • Payment must be made within 48 hours after agreement of commission, unless otherwise agreed on, or it will be canceled.
  • Slot’s are held sometimes if requested, but your place in the queue is not. If you have not paid, you do not get a place in the queue. This happens only after payment.



  • Refunds can be provided if the work is not already started. The artist (myself) will retain a 30% convenience fee, or $5. Whichever is greater.
  • No refunds offered once work is started.
  • If cancelled by me, a full or partial refund is available depending on amount of work done and agreement between commissioner and artist.
  • If cancelled by me due to commissioner/client behavior e.g. rudeness, inappropriate behavior, aggression, or other negative actions will result in a 50% refund regardless of what is done or not. HARASSMENT IS NOT TOLERATED.



  • Commissions by default to no receive WIPs unless requested, keep in mind it takes longer to complete that way also. Images will be sent to you for review, please look over it thoroughly as only 3 revisions will be done before a fee will be implemented. *This does not include streamed pieces.
  • Once completed, minor changes can still be made. A completed revision can only happen TWICE before you are charged a revision fee.
  • After 7 days of no revisions requested, the case is closed. A fee will be required to do any changes after the 7 days.
  • Revision fees start at $5 and go up according to complexity



  • Don’t erase my signature. Seriously, wtf.
  • Pieces cannot be used for commercial purposes, that has to be negotiated on another level and will be at a higher rate.
  • You can come to me later and pay an additional fee to use completed work for commercial purposes.
  • You retain full rights to your character, I will never claim them as my own. The art is still mine, however, so I retain rights to use the art in my art gallery or portfolio.
  • You may not trace, claim as your own, or modify the artwork except to put a watermark on it (to prevent theft of your character, but not to claim as your own.)


DO’s and DONT’s

  • I DO draw humans.
  • I DO draw NSFW.
  • I DO draw Gore, vore, hardcore, bdsm, nudes, tentacles, etc.
  • I DO NOT draw anything illegal.
  • I DO NOT draw mecha
  • I DO NOT draw traditional.
  • I MIGHT draw scat, non-sexual babyfur, for an increased price, just ask.
  • I MIGHT draw ferals. I prefer not too.





  • Harassment has consequences. This is determined at my discretion, and can include:
  • Dropping your art to the bottom of the list. Enjoy.
  • Issuing a 50% refund, but never a full refund.
  • Public blacklisting.

Cancelation of art; with no refund. This is under extreme circumstances, that I trust you will not cross. Including: Vulgar name calling, attacks on my person or family, or an attempt at publicly shaming me.